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Yuna Kim || 2014 Sochi Olympics Figure Skating Ladies Short Program

Anonymous: "I don't understand why everyone's so pissed, Adelina had more technical difficulty in her program and skated clean therefore she won gold"


Okay. This is going to be the last on my comment with this issue. I’m not a professional ice skater or anything like that, but I’ve done my research and this is what I’ve found. (I’m also obviously Yuna biased because I’m Korean, but I’m trying to look at it from a fair perspective as much as possible.)

Yes. Adelina’s program had more difficult elements. However, she had trouble landing cleanly for one and for another, she landed with two feet when she was supposed to with one. Secondly, Carolina’s program had almost the same level of difficulty and she skated clean. But was her score as high as Adelina’s? No. Thirdly — look at the judges scores, (although they are anonymous), one of the judges gave Yuna a 0 for a perfectly landed jump. That’s just ridiculous. Fourthly, Mao Asada had the highest potential base score, and she landed her jumps well, but Sotnikova was still able to beat her. That skate should no where be near the World Record.

All of this still leads me to the thought that Adelina definitely had home advantage. What pisses me off the most is that this was Yuna and Mao’s last skate. They are retiring and should not have left with this kind of treatment.



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